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Nayanthara Without Makeup Photos

An Indian actress at her best, Nayantara also known as Diana Mariam Kurian was born and brought up in Kerala and made her debut in the year 2003. Now she is a recognized Kollywood senior actress with a busy schedule. The thing with B-town big shots are on screen is that they are always caked up in makeup hiding every subtle flaw there is and hence when you see them in real life they look a whole new level of different. Amongst them some still shine and here is a classic example of it.
Nothing is more appealing in a woman than her fresh face sans any makeup. While make ups are just a thing for a temporary basis, your real true self stays with you at all times and hence here is a wonderful picture of the beautiful dusky hotness Nayantara in her bare fresh face probably just after a cooling shower. This however is a photo shoot still where she went bare on her face.

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As the Telugu actress sits in a park and views through her camera gallery she is unaware of the pap clicking her picture. Busying herself in the world of music she has her head phones locked in her ears. But here is a naked truth to this picture. even without makeup her skin looks flawless and spotless making her look oh so pretty.

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