Top 5 Goundamani Senthil comedy scenes

Top 5 Goundamani Senthil comedy scenes

Top 5¬†Goundamani Senthil comedy scenes –¬†Goundamani and Senthil, with their ultimate comedy sense have ruled the Tamil cinemas for so many years. And till date no one else can beat their record of making us laugh our hearts out!

Be it their impeccable chemistry or perfect timed delivery, they have been the kings of comedy! We love to watch their scenes on screen even now without getting bored.


1.The Banana Joke.. from Karakattakaran. This ever famous laugh riot using a banana can give us ROFL attacks! “oru pazham inga iruku, innoru pazham enga?”


2.Ava ava suicide scene.. The sequence where Senthil was supposed to be dead as he hanged himself but would actually be singing and dancing to the tune of ‘ava ava avvvaa’


3. Vadakapatti Ramasamy joke.. where Goundamani believes that senthil’s howling will bring him luck, but he ends up getting trashed by all means!!


4. Appa payan duo… from Naatamai. The scene where Goundamani(son) believes they are seeing a bride for him but turns out to be for Senthil(dad) instead.


5. The ultimate kidnap scene.. from Ullathai allitha. This one made history. No other kidnap scenes from any movie can match this


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